Designer's Oath

Monday, October 12, 2015
7:00 PM - 7:20 PM

IIT Institute of Design
350 North Lasalle, steelcase room
Chicago, IL 60654


Ciara Taylor and Samantha Dempsey will be presenting the Designer's Oath, a wonderful project spearheaded by Mad*Pow around the ethical responsibility that designers have to the people for whom we design.

About the Designer's Oath

Designers are responsible for creating more than ever before—not only designing services, but also experiences, environments, products and systems for millions of people. With this increased influence, we must take a step back and recognize the responsibility we have to those we design for. We can learn from other professions like healthcare where those who practice medicine acknowledge their responsibility by swearing to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. This binds them to a clearly defined set of rules that guide the ethics of their interactions with patients. Likewise, designers now have the ability to impact human health, so we need a similar code of ethics to guide us.

The Designer's Oath brings together designers from disparate disciplines and backgrounds to create collaborative Oaths that speak across design practices and organizations. The traditional boundaries of design are quickly expanding, and our code of ethics needs to be as flexible and easy to redefine as the process of design itself. The Designer's Oath must become a tool that is applied to the process of design to ensure that the end result does good.

Visit the Designer's Oath website to learn more and check out the other great work Mad*Pow is doing in the healthcare space.