Announcing our 2015 Team Challenges!

 Photography by Aaron Wolf

Photography by Aaron Wolf

BarnRaise is just three weeks away and we could not be more excited to share our team challenges with you! Below are the "How Might We..." questions that will be guiding each team's work over the course of BarnRaise 2015. 

For those unfamiliar, "How Might We..." questions are a common way that designers frame their brainstorming or ideation within a topic space. They allow us to be focused in our investigation, maintaining a point-of-view while not being too narrow in our thinking.

Each of the following questions has been formulated with one of our amazing community partners. We will be announcing the design firm and community partner pairings soon, as well as more detailed design briefs that accompany each of these questions. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the work we will be taking on together!



How might we improve community-leader adoption of the Livibility Index to help Chicago communities prepare for our aging population?


American Medical Women's Association

How might we support stroke prevention by empowering community leaders to educate community members


Broadway Youth Center

How might we create a safe community and sense of belonging for both LGBTQ adults and marginalized youth in a shared space?



How might we engage caregivers directly and expand our user base by providing immediate value during the sign-up process?


Chicago Women's Health Center

How might we improve access to affordable integrative health services and engage new patients in the health center’s community?


Human Practice

How might we involve patients in decision-making to support patient engagement and follow through on referral appointments?


Illinois Hospital Association

How might we ensure palliative care conversations between patients and their medical care providers become commonplace?


Janus Choice

How might we optimize the experience for all users involved in the discharge decision-making process?


Smart Chicago Collaborative

How might we engage new clinics in a partnership to improve their patients’ medical and computer literacy?



How might we encourage young adults to seek treatment at first signs of mental illness to prevent perpetuating homelessness and other ramifications?


Varsa Health

How might we improve patient engagement in self-reporting health data through a digital provider ecosystem?


YMCA of the USA

How might we link clinical and community-based services to help older adults prepare for and recover from joint replacement surgery?



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