Experience Team Volunteers

Hi, I’m Xinyue Zhou, first year MDes student, second year at ID. Last year I joined the BarnRaise experience swag team and made the ruler gift for all attendees at Motorola reception. I feel so excited that I could lead a six week “design project” with a group of creative designers and make it real.

My name is Gordon Wells and I am helping lead the experience team. I've spent a number of years designing digital experiences and am eager to expand that experience into more tangible experiences.

Q1: What does the experience team do?

We create two-and-half-day physical and digital environments in all spaces for all participants to enjoy BarnRaise without any trouble. 

Q2: What are your goals and expectations?

We are trying to create an experience that captures to connection between design, technology, and healthcare. There are a lot of different activities happening throughout the BarnRaise conference and teams will be focused on their challenges in varying locations. While they work on a specific challenge, we also want participants to feel like they are part of a larger group effort that is working to improve access to care and make a difference. 

The team of volunteers is thrilled to be designing the conference experience and shaping the feeling participants have throughout the two-and-a-half days. Their desire to build on their existing knowledge and learn outside of the classroom really highlights their commitment to the community. 

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IIT Institute of Design, 350 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States