Service Experience Chicago Recap

Oh man, Service Experience Chicago was a BLAST! So much cool work going on, and interesting prototypes developed. This was a two-day event that gives an opportunity for designers, business leaders, social organizers, and students to learn how a service design approach to designing experiences can facilitate organizational growth from within. This program will help any organization design experiences within an organizational culture that fosters sustainable innovation. A good service experience must be desirable to the user, reliably delivered, and viable for an organization to maintain and grow. The right culture can transform is a critical success factor.

Similarly, BarnRaise offers similar takeaways for company employees participating in the event. We teamed up together to offer a small discount for individuals who wanted to attend both and we anticipate they'll have an amazing time at our event too! 

This particular event had workshops around business design and social innovation, with specific topics focusing on breaking down silos, service as theater, facilitating culture, making innovation, mapping experiences and mapping ecosystems. Ours will focus on some of those topics, but more specifically focused around our community partner's needs as they relate to urban safety.

Here's some of our favorite snapshots from the day!

Bummed you missed it? Well, there's always next year! You can also expect some of these types of experiences (group work, speakers, share outs, prototyping, and multidisciplinary collaboration) at BarnRaise... so what are you waiting for? Registration is a click away on the left over there.

ps. Ticket prices jump up a buck fifty at midnight, so make sure you lock in the $600 ticket price tonight (9/8) by registering NOW instead of later!


IIT Institute of Design, 350 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States