Meet the Team

You might be wondering who we are: We're a team of graduate students at IIT Institute of Design from a variety of backgrounds with a passion for introducing design methods to the communities they impact. Here's a little more information about each of us:

Christina Noonan

Christina is also a co-chair for Barnraise, responsible for the vision and overall success of the event. Christina is very interested in how communication and interaction can better serve communities. She has been spending her summer networking and reaching out to different organizations to bring the best of both the design and non-design worlds together for this event.

Christina is in her 2nd year at IIT Institute of Design with a focus on interaction design and strategy, grounded in qualitative and quantitative research. She will be graduating in May 2015 and is beginning the search for what's next in her career.

Christina spends a lots her time with her very smart cat (who uses the toilet), sketching, playing video games, and hunting down gluten free food in the city.



Shanti Mathew

Shanti is a co-chair for BarnRaise, responsible for the vision and overall success of the event. She brings a great attitude to the table and her experience with live event production adds significant value to our planning process.

Shanti is entering IIT Institute of Design's main program focusing on communication and service design as she is passionate about how design can benefit the structure and delivery of social services.

Shanti loves musical theater, being plopped down in new cultures, and her adorable pup, Archie. Her design superpower may actually be 30-second dance parties. 


Anita Lee

Anita Lee

Anita is the Marketing Chair for BarnRaise. While working at different companies as a visual communications and digital designer in Chicago, Anita discovered a great passion for gathering people's stories and making great design accessible to the community at large. Her clinching moment to jump into human-centered design happened while listening to the speakers at Design Research Conference 2012.

In order to give back, Anita is now building the BarnRaise experience through visual communication and networking. With half a year at ID under her belt, she is looking forward to learning more about design research and strategy, while, hopefully, developing scrumptious kid-friendly menus and becoming a bicycle commuter. 


Bryan Spence

Bryan is the Programming & Logistics Chair for BarnRaise. With his experience as a teacher, consultant, and researcher, his unique perspective greatly adds to the experience we're designing for the event itself. 

Bryan is entering the main program at IIT Institute of Design, interested in research and service design.

You'll find Bryan biking around the city, checking out new concerts and restaurants, and essentially exploring the city.


Gaurav Bradoo

Gaurav is the Experience Chair, which encompasses everything from interactions at the event to the tiny touch points that will help make this event flow more smoothly. Prior to graduate coursework, he worked as a management consultant, an engineer and a theatre actor in NZ.

Gaurav is entering the 2-year main program at IIT Institute of Design, after completing a challenging foundation year, with a focus on product design - digital and physical.

You may find Gaurav, pushing the limits of ID's laser cutter and 3D printer, following up on latest and greatest in technology trends, and walking around the city in shorts in the winter.



IIT Institute of Design, 350 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States