We're On the Map!

Hello! I'm one of the co-chairs for this year's event, my name is Christina Noonan. I'm a student at the IIT Institute of Design, just finishing up my first year out of the two-year program. I was initially interested in leading this event to really add some new values and elements to what was formerly known as the Design Research Conference.

Along with Shanti, our other co-chair, we're happy to see it taking form...slowly yet surely! We wanted to create an event with more collaboration and connection, open to more than simply the design world.  Along with our amazing core-team, we came to realize we all strongly value prototyping and "making stuff", so we made sure to capture those values in our event planning thus far. I need to take a second to identify Anita Lee (Marketing), Gaurav Bradoo (Experience), and Bryan Spence (Program) for their dedication thus far. BarnRaise wouldn't be possible without them!

We've gotten our blurb up on ID's website, and our core team is working hard to tie up the last minute strings before we pitch this event at the the IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference in a few days! We're all really excited to capture some of the energy popping up around the city.. entrepreneurs, tech startups, design firms, and more. We want to bring these great minds together this year to help solve some of the problems related to urban safety, and collaborate with real organizations that can take these ideas and run with them. As an attendee, you get to be in the center of it all... a limited number of seats are available, so check back soon for more information on this event!

Shanti and I are also running around talking to a select group of design firms who we think would make great partners for this event... hosting teams in their spaces and facilitating creative work for two afternoon sessions. We're still looking for a few partners, and also for sponsors and organizations to coordinate with, so if you'd like more information and/or would like to chat with us personally, feel free to email us! Our contact information is below. Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out this event!

Christina Noonan: cnoonan@id.iit.edu

Shanti Mathew: smathew@id.iit.edu


IIT Institute of Design, 350 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States