Wow, what an amazing event! Day 3 Recap


..Seriously. Wow! When we started the planning process for BarnRaise earlier this year, we couldn't possibly have imagined such a fun, successful, and inspiring event. From the enthusiasm of participants to hard work and creativity of our partners, we're considering everything to be a success.Of course, it was all possible thanks to our amazing group of volunteers and our dedicated core team.

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Matthew Manos

The morning started with a great overview of an interesting business model- Give half away for free! Matthew Manos told us a little bit about how and then shared a free copy of his new book with the audience (pst it's available on his website!). My guess is that teams were exhausted from a full day of work on Tuesday which led to a slower morning which picked up quickly during Matt's talk. By 9:30, teams were scrambling off to prototype, inspired by new business models to consider. 

As a side note, Matt was wonderful company as I sat in volunteer central finalizing things for the morning! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.49.51 PM.png
 Seen on Moment+UPMC TV screen :)

Seen on Moment+UPMC TV screen :)

The afternoon was full of discussions ranging from business models to prototypes and collaboration with clients. Everything was being built for the final exhibition, and as a planner and simple observer, I seriously could not wait for the event! Knowing the caliber of firms participating, I wasn't worried about the form of each prototype, but I was incredibly mystified about what to expect.

...I wasn't disappointed.





Motorola's space was beautiful- couldn't have asked for a better place to hold our final exhibition, and the house was *packed* (no seriously, we hit the limit of how many people could be in the space). Insane. Great support from our community. I couldn't possibly do justice to summarize the outcomes, so I'll share a few photos from social media and you can check out the official Flickr stream. (it's still being populated, so be patient while we get the last of the photos up there!)

 The volunteer team cleaning up the space (and barely fitting in the elevator!)

The volunteer team cleaning up the space (and barely fitting in the elevator!)

I can't thank everyone enough for taking this journey with us to discover what could happen when we combined the creative energy of such a variety of wonderfully curious and hard-working people to create new and inspiring ideas for urban safety in an open source world. I'm very interested to see where these projects go and how they inform future work.

We'll be sending an email shortly with a link to add feedback. Anything you want to share is greatly appreciated!

Have safe trips home, BarnRaisers, and we look forward to hopefully seeing you and maybe some of your colleagues next year for 2015! There will be a new challenge, new partners, and hopefully a few of the best from this year as well!

Until next time,



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