Day 1 Recap

 Photo Credit: Aaron Wolf 2014

Photo Credit: Aaron Wolf 2014

Hey world! Thanks for following our progress on BarnRaise virtually! So much has already happened, and BarnRaise is still going on for at least another 24 hours! (well, BarnRaise and some much needed sleep for our problem solvers/designers!)

Where to start? Let's start with the recap for MONDAY! (October 13th)

Lori Andrews

Ah, yes, our lovely speakers! We were happy to present Lori Andrews, who has done much work in this field. Lori, in addition to being a very charming woman to learn from and chat with, is also a Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the IIT Institute for Science, Law and Technology at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law (yes, she's a lawyer... a very cool lawyer!) She's written over 14 books, which astounded me, and one particularly of interest is called I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy and is worth a read after this event if you want to dive deeper into the complexity of privacy. She started her presentation with some great questions: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? (well, now we can likely figure it out, since she probably has her phone and/or has been spotted by a camera at some point). What about, "where's Waldo"? Eh, maybe not such a mystery any longer!

We will be sharing her presentation after the event, but in the meantime, I can preface it for those who haven't seen it: Technology connects us and enables great things between individuals and their communities... BUT we also need to be cognizant of the unintended consequences of these technological decisions. I think Lori's comments were a great way to add a layer of complexity to the level of thinking about solutions (especially digital solutions) to the things teams build, and we've heard some great feedback about her scope and topic that really resonated well with the audience.

Prototyper Panel

We can't forget about our amazing panel of prototypes! Facilitated by Tomoko, Drew and Marty discussed different aspects of prototyping... everything from how to define one to what fidelity to build to for clients. The three discussed when to use prototypes and the significance of using prototypes. I personally found one of the most important lessons was that anything can be a prototype, if you define it as anything that moves the project along. We were very fortunate to have this caliber of panelists for the BarnRaise audience on Monday evening. By learning a little about prototyping up front, it helps set the stage on how to think about convey systems, processes, and products going forward in the event.

In reflection of the completion of the first day, I personally couldn't be more excited with everything that the team has been able to accomplish and the incredible work of all of our volunteers to make this event a reality. 3 cheers for the team! 

-Christina Noonan

BarnRaise 2014 Volunteers raising a glass!

Ps! If you're interested in following the event remotely, feel free to follow our twitter account- We'll be keeping it live and up-to-date for these three days to capture as much of the awesome work happening at BarnRaise as we can!

After the event, we'll be sharing a flickr account with professional pictures from the event, video recaps, and the speaker presentations, as promised!


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