Last Minute FAQ's

Hey world! Tomorrow is the big day, and we couldn't be more excited.

Food has been ordered, materials have been delivered, the space has been built, walls have been painted. Speakers, firms, and participants are on their way to our hub, located at the IIT Institute of Design, and we'll kick of tomorrow with an introduction from keynote speaker Lori Andrews and have an evening for team assignment announcements and formation over cocktails.

Here's some helpful bits of information, just in case you didn't get the participant pack on Friday for some reason:

You can find information on all of our speakers here.

Ok, so with all of that out of the way, here's some common questions we've received in the past few days:

1. Where do we show up on the first day?


Everything on Monday happens at 350 N. Lasalle, Chicago IL 60654 on the 6th floor (Steelcase Room). This is the address for the IIT Institute of Design. Every morning will start out at this location, so rest assured, if you head there in doubt, we can get you pointed in the right direction!

2. Where is the "Free Event" (aka the Public Exhibition)?

 By the way, thanks AIGA for sharing our Public Exhibition!

By the way, thanks AIGA for sharing our Public Exhibition!

The final event, the Public Exhibition will be held in Motorola on the 18th floor. If you're already participating in BarnRaise as a participant, no need to register for this event. If you aren't participating in BarnRaise and just want to check it out, be sure to register as soon as possible, as we're closing the list first thing Monday morning. (that gives you less than 24 hours to get your name on that list!) If you're not on the list, per Motorola's security rules, you can't get in. We would hate for you to miss this event because you missed a silly deadline! 

3. I have a food allergy/need, who do I contact?

Our food team has been working diligently to make sure everything's prepared for your time at BarnRaise

We've done our best to accommodate a wide range of food needs, including gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options for all meals provided through BarnRaise (breakfasts, lunches, and appetizers during cocktail receptions). If you have a specific need, please let us know as soon as you can, by emailing Alternatively, you can also find any of the organizers at the event and we'll do what we can in the moment.

Note: The gluten free items are prepared in a shared kitchen, so they cannot guarantee any of the meals are within the 20ppm statute. That said, the food organizers have worked with the caterers (and someone with Celiac Disease) to do their best to lower the risks of cross-contamination.

4. Can I work on team X? I want to work on team X!!

We've received several of these requests. For this first year, we decided to make the teams as multidisciplinary as possible, so co-workers from the same companies would be dispersed through different projects. This helps new people with different perspectives meet and interact in new ways and create new ideas, and provides the team from that company a wide variety of experiences to draw from after BarnRaise. Think about it- if only people with backgrounds in health are trying to solve health problems, we miss out on an entirely different perspective on potential solutions! What we often find in solution generating groups is that interesting ideas often come from those more removed from the day-to-day operations of that field. Furthermore, the idea of BarnRaise is more about learning methods for solving problems, which can be achieved through interaction within any of our BarnRaise teams. Long story short, we can't guarantee placement within any specific group.

This is, as most things are at a new event, subject to change for the following years. 

5. Can I leave early on day x? I need to miss part of a day.

Well, we're certainly not going to hold you captive if you need to leave! That said, depending on what you miss, you may miss out on important information and learning depending on when you're going to be gone. We would suggest the most important parts of BarnRaise are the work sessions with groups, going on midday Tuesday and Wednesday. The speakers are also a group you won't necessarily get a chance to interact with, so you might try to stick around to hear from them as well if possible!

6. Are there any side-activities for students?

Actually, yes! We've put a side event together for any of the BarnRaise student participants. This is a great way to meet other students, connect over learnings from the day, and get to better know some of your peers! Share stories about your career goals, have a few drinks, and discover something new from a new friend.

Note: This event is only open to students who are registered participants of BarnRaise. If you are a professional participant, please feel free to use this time to join the optional team dinners around the city! It's a great informal way to get to know some of your peers as well. Don't worry, there will be drinks available on Wednesday night too, at the final exhibition! 

7. I have some other question.

No problem! Email us at and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can! Alternatively, you can ask us anything when you sign in tomorrow afternoon.


IIT Institute of Design, 350 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL, 60654, United States