anatomy of a team.png

About BarnRaise Teams

The BarnRaise 2015 programming team has spent months working to create the best teams possible for this year's event. They thoughtful paired each community partner with a design firm partner, and worked with both to create a focused but inspiring design brief to guide participant work during the conference. 

The diagram to the right outlines the basic anatomy of a BarnRaise team. Each team will be aided by an IIT Institute of Design graduate student serving as a "Design Ambassador." They have been facilitating conversations between the design firm and community partners, and will be on hand to help with research and team work during the conference.

Challenge categories

Though there is some overlap, we were able to organize each team challenge into a different category: UX/Digital Experience, Service Design, and Design Strategy. 




Click below to learn more about each team, including what the community partners and design firms do, what problem they are tackling, why our programming team paired them together, and why we are so excited to have them on board.