BarnRaise Time Machine

BarnRaise 2014

In it's inaugural year, BarnRaise and its founders set out with one idea in mind: "Learn new methods. Make big change."

Something is stirring in Chicago.

Designers, entrepreneurs, social visionaries are appearing all around our community. A creative force is amassing. What would it mean if, for 60 hours, we could harness this whirlwind of creative energy to solve one problem in the city… OUR city? We have a vision: we want to network creative hubs around Chicago and build something together. This year, we're taking on urban safety in an open source world.

Meet BarnRaise: a new, immersive, two-and-a-half day experience that combines the best of thought leadership with the opportunity to build physical and digital prototypes. Leading design firms will host teams all around the city and will be partnered with real organizations who can create real action. Throughout the event, we’ll all gather at a central hub to learn, connect, and put those ideas to use back with our teams. At the end of the event, we’ll gather and show off our creations in a public exhibit. You will get the opportunity to be creative in a new inspiring space, gain new tools for problem solving, hear from great keynotes, and design actionable solutions. 

Lots of events let you travel and hear speakers, some even let you roll up your sleeves, but no other event networks and harnesses the creative energy of a whole city and puts you in the center of it all.

Big issues addressed at BarnRaise 2014:

Bright Star Community Outreach
How might we use technology and a sustainable system to better connect people with the Bronzeville Dream Center?

How might we re-imagine the impact of light on the urban condition through a comprehensive lighting framework that serves as the connective tissue of accessibility throughout the city?

Friends of the Parks
How might we transform Kells Park into an active space that integrates with the surrounding neighborhood to become a next-generation park?

University of Chicago Center for Community Health and Vitality
How might we build self-sustainable initiatives to improve urban safety in Chicago’s south side communities?

Metropolitan Tenants Organization
How might we build an effective Communication Strategy for MTO in its efforts to reach out to low income renters?

How might we use our knowledge of automated driving technology to make cities safer for pedestrians and cyclists?

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center: Technology Development Center
How might we improve public safety by increasing rates of vaccination to strengthen population immunity?

About BarnRaises' Creators: